Friday, June 21, 2013

Zeroing In

Looking through the lens of a camera can change the tone, look or feel of something that might seem mundane or even downright ugly. Fixing on a spot, eradicating the peripheral sightlines, can actually help you zero in on the beauty or [insert your own adjective here] of a scene.

I have grown fond of construction sites.

There is such a dichotomy of textures at construction sites. I had no idea they could be so beautiful until I started looking at them through the lens of a camera. Try to find, the next time you pass by a development, the artistry. There is a wonderful sense of precision amongst the perceived chaos, the mess. It’s fun to see and isolate the lines and perspective; to see how lines intersect and balance each other.

This is also a great metaphor for showing myself that there is always the possibility of seeing something in a new light, if I just look at it from a different perspective, through a different lens. It’s pretty amazing the life lessons photography can teach you.

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