Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sunflowers, Fibonacci and the Zen of Patterns

Patterns calm my mind. Nature, despite its messiness, is abundantly organized. I think that’s why I take so many close-up shots of nature. When you really look at it, you see all the orderly components which make up the seeming randomness.

Listen, the next time, to a bird. You’ll find there’s a rhythm to the rant. You can almost set a metronome to it. To me, that’s pattern. Pattern, rhythm, organization… creates a whole.

In this series of sunflower photographs, you can easily see the patterns of the seeds. If you’re interested in math and patterns, this is a great place to see it in nature.

Aside from the mathematical resonance in nature, there is also art in it. I hope you enjoy my take on it.

And if you’re interested in further explanation of the mathematical genius of nature, I have two phrases for you: Fibonacci Sequence and The Golden Mean. Here are a couple of sites that do a great job of explaning:

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Just a quick "Hello!"

Hi everyone.

I hope you are well; that the sun, moon and stars are aligning just the way you need them to. They always do, I guess. It's just that we need not fight it.

Sorry I haven't posted any photographs lately. I've got some that I am working on that I hope to post in the next couple of days. But sometimes other things in life take a front seat, and the last couple of weeks have been about our dog, Bella.

She got a pacemaker!

As you can imagine, this has taken up most of my free time. But things are going extremely well with her, so now, worrying aside and shifting into our "new normal", I can get back to the art at hand.

I have a new piece for sale. I had one of my prints developed on metal (aluminum) and it is for sale on this blog (please see "Prints for Sale" tab). I am extremely pleased with the result of the piece.

And let me know if there is something special that you would like to buy. Email me at:
You may commission my time and talents, and I can produce a work especially for you.

Now, just to give you a glimpse of this little dog who has so captured her Mama's hearts that we just had to get a battery for hers. Here is Bella:

Now. Ain't she sweet?!