Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Labyrinth

I love lines and patterns. There is a tree root that catches my eye every time I go out to walk the dog. It is one of the most unusual things I’ve seen, and finally the other day I had to take some photos.

There is a necklace I wear every day that has the symbol of the Labyrinth on it which symbolizes the journey of the spirit: The way in is also the way out.

That is what this tree root looks like to me. And it is beautiful!


And then there is the part of the root that looks like a Van Gogh painting. Unbelievable, isn't it? Again, the only "treatment" of the photos I did was contrast and shadowing.


  1. Beautiful! You are so right--it does look like Van Gogh. I was one of your sister's students years ago, and she sent me your blog post. Lovely photos! :)

  2. Interesting how our brains make connections with images. Some of the photos of the patterned tree roots made me think of the face of the blind boar-god Okkoto in the movie "Princess Mononoke." I haven't thought of that wonderful movie in a long time. But now your photos have nudged my thoughts along a completely unexpected and richer path. Pretty danged cool.
    -Steve McCann

  3. I am intrigued by this Okkoto character! Must find that movie. It is neat how nature seems to mimic what we know. It's kind of like the Peanuts characters by Charles Shultz who saw shapes in clouds.

    And thank you, Kimie! It's so great to meet you. I love connections like this. Your work is wonderful as well. I admire photographers who can capture people.