Friday, June 28, 2013

Pieces and Parts

I am fond of shooting images that take place within a whole:  A section of a tree; shadows playing through a wrought iron bench; bits of a sculpture; wavy mirrored buildings.  And apparently I like them in black and white! For me, black and white brings me closer to the essence of a subject. It isolates specifics.

Seeing specifics within the abstract blows my mind. I equate it to a scientist putting a microscope on a sample. It’s fun for me to see what the big thing is made out of. Have you ever looked at just one part of a painting to examine the details of it? That’s what I like to do with what surrounds us in everyday life.

I am also fascinated by lines and texture. Aside from seeing what a thing looks like in its sections, there are some images that have a movement which stirs something on a deeper level. This is the part that reminds me of how the art of music or dance affect me; something reaches in and plays on my feeling strings.

See what you think.

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